A Half-Day Online Retreat

Annica, Dukkha, Anatta
Inconstancy, Bummers, Emptiness
June 11, 2022, 1:00 – 4 pm Eastern

During this retreat we will look at the 3 Characteristics: Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta (Impermanence, Unsatisfactoriness, Not-Self –or– Inconstancy, Bummers, Emptiness). Insights into these 3 aspects of all phenomena are the insights that advance us along the spiritual path. We will discuss what the Buddha meant by each of these and discuss ways to practice with each of them. Join us for an afternoon of meditation, dharma talks, and questions for Leigh.

Leigh Brasington

Leigh Brasington has been practicing meditation since 1985 and is the senior American student of the late Ven. Ayya Khema. Leigh began assisting Ven. Ayya Khemma in 1994, and began teaching retreats on his on in 1997. He is also authorized to teach by Jack Kornfield.
Leigh has taught the jhanas, along with multiple insight practices, at well over one hundred residential retreats throughout the United States and Europe. He is the author of the books Right Concentration: A Practical Guide to the Jhanas and Dependent Origination and Emptiness: Streams Of Dependently Arising Processes Interacting. Find more about Leigh’s teaching and schedule at http://leighb.com/