Chants and Readings

Chants Commonly Used by Our Teachers and Practice Leaders

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This collection consists of chants for daily devotions, reflections, and special ceremonies, which are used by the Nuns’ Sangha supported by Saranaloka Foundation and their community in the U.S .

  • Loving Kindness: page 23


Readings and Other Resources Shared by Teachers

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The Science of Happiness and the Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation Chart
Susan Dreyer Leon (1-29-23)

Perception ChatGPT Quotes and “Conversation” from VIMC’s first AI-assisted Dharma Talk
Susan Dreyer Leon (3-19-23)

Wise Speech AN 10.176 
Claire Stanley (3-26-23)

Dhammapada and Guru Rinpoche
Claire Stanley (4-23-23)

Wise Speech Preceded by Wise View and Intention
Claire Stanley (4-23-23)

Wise Speech Guidelines
Claire Stanley (4-23-23)

Dalai Lama’s Morning Prayer
Claire Stanley (7/16/2023)

The Buddha’s Discourse on Blessings
Adaption by Shoshana Alexander
Claire Stanley (12/24/2023)