VIMC Endowment Fund

What is the VIMC Endowment Fund?

With deep gratitude for seed money from two anonymous donors, Vermont Insight Meditation Center has an endowment fund with the Vermont Community Foundation. The money donated to this fund on behalf of Vermont Insight is pooled with money from other non-profit organizations around the state and invested by the Vermont Community Foundation. Each organization is guaranteed an annual payment from the fund that is proportional to the amount of money invested by the donors and reflective of the overall success of the investments over the year. The more VIMC has invested, the more the organization will receive in annual income. For more information on how the endowment fund works, you can visit this link at the Vermont Community Foundation:

Where does the income from the Fund go?

Money from the endowment fund goes to support Vermont Insight’s annual operating budget. In general, VIMC is a very “lean” organization. We rely on an all-volunteer administrative team and working Board of Directors as well as quite a lot of donated time from our dedicated and committed teachers. Year-to-year, we have evolved a fundraising process that allows us to remain in the black, overall, however, it does not allow us much room for continued growth. In the long term, we hope the Endowment Fund will provide a steady revenue stream that is small but predictable and will help support the continued growth of our Sangha.

What types of donations are best for the Designated Fund?

If you are a regular supporter of our Annual Appeal and our Spring Appeal, then you are already doing a tremendous service to VIMC. Your generosity is literally the life-blood of the organization.  We envision the Endowment Fund as a vehicle for those donors who are interested in securing a longer-term legacy for Vermont Insight.

I want to donate to the Endowment Fund. What should I do next?

Thank you!  We are deeply grateful to Sangha members who have made this commitment to secure the future of VIMC. Here are 3 ways you can make a donation:

  1. Arrange for your donation by contacting Lisa Schmitt, VIMC Treasurer.  Click here to send a message to Lisa»
  2. You may also make your donation directly to the Vermont Communities Foundation by contacting them at (802) 388-3355 or Please specify that you want to make a contribution to the ‘Vermont Insight Meditation Center Fund.’
  3. You may also simply make a one-time donation with PayPal/credit card on our: Make a Donation page »