Ethics & Reconciliation Council

Council Members: Jeff Bower, Judy Coven, Ann Fielder, Petey Mitchell, Muriel Wolf

As a community and as an organization, we are committed to freedom for all beings. In accordance with this, it is the intention of VIMC to provide a respectful and sheltering environment in which all sangha members and visitors may be at ease in their practice and in their exploration of the Buddha’s teachings. We endeavor to create and provide a space free from the causes of physical and emotional pressures.

In the event that a member of the Vermont Insight community is concerned about a perceived issue regarding ethics or appropriate conduct, he or she is welcomed and encouraged to contact a member of the Ethics and Reconciliation Council. An ERC member will arrange an initial review to discuss the concerns with the community member and to promote reflection and understanding of the concern.

Anyone wishing to contact the Ethics & Reconciliation Council may do so by email ( or by phone message at (802) 451-0121. If there is a specific member of the ERC to whom you would like to speak, please indicate that in your message. In your message please be sure to leave your name and your preferred method of contact, and to help maintain your privacy please do not include information about your specific concern in the message.

To view these documents click below:

Ethics and Reconciliation Policy

Code of Ethics 2021 Update