Basic Goodness with Amma Thanasanti

An Online Retreat with Amma Thanasanti

April 8, 2023, 1:00 – 4:30pm
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Basic goodness is what the Buddha described as who we essentially are. Yet for many, even after years of meditation, this can be elusive. This day long retreat will look at an overview of how our attachment formation may have something to do with our inability to feel our own innate goodness, describe and begin to practice some of the components of the Idealized parent protocol designed to repair attachment wounding.
The meditation will include insight meditation, loving kindness meditation and some visualization.
Retreat Format:
There will be introductions, talk, guided meditation, break out rooms to discuss in small groups some of the topics and large group discussions. Interspersed will be mindful movement either inside or outdoors in Nature

Amma Thanasanti is a visionary meditation teacher. She supports you to grow up through developmental stages, clean up trauma and attachment wounding, wake up to your essential nature, and show up fully to have authentic connection with others. She has been meditating over 40 years. She was a Buddhist Nun for 26 years including 20 years in the Ajahn Chah Forest Tradition. She has been teaching meditation retreats internationally since 1996. Decades of living in monastic communities showed her several ways that ending of suffering required more than what was available from Insight meditation practices and ethical guidelines; particularly true when individuals were dealing with developmental trauma. She returned to civilian life in 2017.

Amma’s North Star is the truth where love, pervasive awareness, and the power of the land teach and support her every day.

Amma suggests these 3 Blog posts as background for her retreat:

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Attachment disturbances for meditators part 2:

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  • Amma Thanasanti Half Day Retreat
     April 8, 2023
     1:00 PM - 4:30 PM



The Zoom link will be sent by 5:00pm (ET) the day before the event.

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