VIMC is an almost entirely volunteer-run organization that supports training and practice in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition. Throughout the year our teachers and practice leaders offer group meditation opportunities as well as meditation/dharma training and practice. Teachers are also available for individual consultation regarding meditation practice and questions regarding the dharma.

As an Insight Meditation Center, VIMC observes principles of ethical life as directed through the Theravadan Buddhist tradition. These principles include the values of non-harming, generosity, relational respect, and honesty. Kindness, compassion, and wisdom are the expressions of these principles. Mindful communication is an important feature of these expressions. Our teachers have practiced with Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, and many others at retreat centers and monasteries in the US, Burma, Thailand and elsewhere. The Center was founded in 2005 in Southern Vermont.

Visiting VIMC’s Meditation Hall

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Cushions and chairs are set up in the hall.  We ask that coats and shoes be left in the back of the hall. There are blankets in a basket inside the hall, which is heated in winter, and air conditioned in summer.

Weekday mornings (Monday-Thursday): Most of our formal meditation practice periods last for 40 or 45 minutes. On weekdays we often finish with a short reading. Wednesday mornings begin with about five minutes of chanting (e.g. the Metta Sutta or others). Chanting is not required.

Friday afternoons: The first sit is at 5:30pm and the second sit is at 6:30pm. A fifteen minute break between these sitting periods allows for walking meditation or some social time (in the entryway room). Join us for one or both sittings.

Sunday mornings: This gathering is usually our largest weekly meditation practice. It lasts for two hours and starts with 45 minutes of sitting meditation, followed by 15 minutes of walking meditation, with an option to walk inside the hall or outside on the grounds and surrounding trails. The second hour is devoted to a Dharma talk. One Sunday a month we break from that tradition to have an extended daylong practice (10am – 4pm) usually with a guest teacher. Practice leaders often hold a three-hour practice opportunity (9am -12pm), where participants may come for any or all of the sittings starting on the hour. Please see our Calendar for dates.

Weekly Sitting Schedule
See Calendar for specifics

Meditators are encouraged to:

  • bring water in a covered container
  • silence or shut electronic devices off while in the meditation hall
  • restrict use of scented products when participating in VIMC functions
  • browse in the lending library and borrow a dharma book

For Retreats:  Tea will be available throughout the day, chairs and cushions are provided and participants may bring their own. Please bring something to drink in a closed container as well as your lunch and other snacks as you wish.

Community and Noble Silence

We encourage both community building and noble silence. We want you to feel welcome and to have the opportunity to build friendship among sangha (community) members. And we recognize that silence is an important container for meditation practice. Sometimes holding the balance between these two options is tricky. Look to the teacher or practice leader for guidance if you’re unsure. Generally speaking, talking before the meditation period and afterwards is considered acceptable. During the meditation period, silence is expected.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer childcare at this time.

Offering a donation to the teacher and the center

VIMC practice opportunities are offered freely. We rely upon free-will offerings (dana) to cover rent and administrative expenses, as well as support for our teachers. Offering bowls are found to the left as you enter the meditation hall.

If you would like more information, please leave us a message at (802) 451-0121 or use the contact form.

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