Half-Day Online Retreat

Awareness and Improv:
How Play Can Brighten the Present Moment

with Phoenix Soleil and Dawn Neal

February 12, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm Eastern

Registration will close at noon the day before the event. A Zoom link will be sent that afternoon to all who are registered.

Nurturing wholesome states of mind is an important aspect of Buddhist practice. With the current state of the world, making time for fun, levity and silliness is a form of self-care, community and an openhearted act of creative change. Join us for a heart-centered adventure.

Often we think we need to sit still in order to be mindful, but we can be mindfully aware during the excitement, stress, and ups-and-downs of daily life. Play offers an opportunity to explore that with less on the line.  In this half-day, we explore both sitting practice and improv sessions and bring awareness to a range of experiences.

This event interweaves formal meditation and improv in an accepting, encouraging, environment. We ask everyone to show up intending to participate fully. While we will be encouraging people to stretch into interpersonal play and presence, there will be an option to pass if a particular activity feels too risky.  Due to the nature of this event participants are required to have video on and a device that allows them to see gallery view.

Phoenix Soleil is a teacher and practitioner of the Insight Meditation tradition. She is currently working as a retreat support associate at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She is also a trainer and practitioner of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a form of compassionate communication that assists in attuning to our feelings and values for more successful interactions. She has led trainings in communication, racial justice, and meditation for organizations such as Google, Kellogg Foundation, UC Berkeley, Insight Meditation Society and Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. The most important ingredients in her trainings are fun, passion, and intimacy.  Check out her website for more info and videos>>

Dawn Neal, MA, is an Insight Meditation teacher, practitioner, and Theravāda Buddhist scholar. She works for Stanford Healthcare as an interfaith spiritual care professional (Chaplain). Dawn also offers coaching>> to support healthcare workers, caregivers, and other professionals in connecting and embodying a sense of purpose, vision, compassion, and joy. She is currently in Dharma Teacher training through the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA. You can find her teaching schedule on her Dharma website here>>.

Retreat Registration and Dana for the Teacher

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Dana:  Teachers and meditation centers are supported by your generosity. The registration fee supports Vermont Insight and it is customary to also make a donation to the teacher in appreciation for the teachings.

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