Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Vermont Insight Meditation Center is a Buddhist spiritual center dedicated to the study and practice of Vipassana (Insight meditation) and committed to the possibility of liberation for all beings. The Center welcomes diverse populations. It supports and encourages the development of and compassionate action towards community based upon the ideals, teachings, and practices in the tradition of Theravada Buddhism.

Mission Statement

Vermont Insight Meditation Center (Vermont Insight) is a spiritual center and place of refuge dedicated to the study and practice of Vipassana (Insight meditation) according to the Theravada Buddhist lineage. Vermont Insight provides Brattleboro and surrounding communities opportunities for meditation practice, study of Buddhist teachings,and application of the teachings in the context of daily life through weekly sitting groups, daylong retreats, and weekly study courses. Invited guest speakers from other Buddhist centers in the United States and around the world supplement the offerings of dedicated local teachers. Vermont Insight supports and encourages compassionate action locally and globally, assists sangha members in deepening their study through financial support for extended retreats, and offers multiple opportunities for developing a sense of community among its sangha. Wise and sustainable fiscal management of Vermont Insight allows all people access to the teachings.